The World Wrestling Council (Consejo Mundial de la Lucha Libre -WWC) of Puerto Rico is celebrating 50 years of operations and on June 24th held a combat event to celebrate the anniversary before about 10,000 people at the Rubén Rodríguez Coliseum in Bayamón that was broadcast by Fite TV on pay-per-view as well as on other platforms such as Claro TV, Liberty, and Naicom.

Richard De Fillipo (El Campeón Xavant), a member of the WWC, said that for many years Puerto Rico was a first-rate territory in terms of wrestling, “where the biggest stars in the world came from, members of the Hall of Fame and all of them was at the 50th-anniversary event celebrating what has been the company’s trajectory,” he said.

De Fillipo added that Spanglish Movies owned by Gustavo Aparicio closed an alliance with WWC to bring the tournament to new audiences. “Spanglish Movies has perfect ideas that are in line with our product. We reached an agreement where Fite TV will be broadcasting our historical programs through the years. They have access to our extensive library. They are not only going to place the content as it came out at the time, but with a view to the future to make fresh and new content with that same footage: discussion programs, interviews, focused on wrestling,” he explained.

“I am incredibly proud to work with the legendary Carlitos Colón, Vikko Jovica, and all the star wrestlers of the World Wrestling Council. Their audacity, bloodlust, and unparalleled courage define this unique league. It is an honor to be part of WWC’s exciting 50-year journey with such extraordinary people. I am happy to be part of WWC and contribute to making history together in the wrestling community,” said Gustavo Aparicio, Managing Director of Spanglish Movies.

“For us, the support of Spanglish Movies is important. The Puerto Rican wrestling program, a specific genre, is exclusive to Puerto Rico and broadcast through WAPA TV and WAPA America. That audience is immense, but Spanglish Movies is giving us the opportunity on internet platforms. That’s where Spanglish Movies comes in, with its new concept of targeting all Latinos, and there’s nothing more Latino than wrestling. We are very happy with the relationship with Spanglish Movies that helps us reach another audience, that our voices are heard and our style is preserved,” said De Fillipo.

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