Elemental TV is providing support to Spanglish Movies in creating Spanglish DSP, the first Demand Side Platform or trade desk of its kind aimed at the Hispanic and Latin American DSP market.

Albert Yu, VP of Analytics and Monetization at Elemental TV explained that with Spanglish DSP they seek to combine the DSP (Demand Side Platform) and SSP (Supply Side Platform) functions to do SPO (Supply Path Optimization). “With this, we cut intermediaries,” he pointed out, noting that Gustavo Aparicio of Spanglish Movies connects to many direct publishers using Elemental TV’s programmatic technology.

“It is an honor to close this exclusive agreement with Elemental TV for the Hispanic market, in order to take to a new level the monetization on FAST channels of the content that our partners trust us,” said Gustavo Aparicio, Managing Director, Spanglish Movies.

According to Yu, with the Spanglish DSP, they are receiving huge amounts of anonymous user/audience information to provide exceptional targeting. “We take user audience data and combine it with viewers’ content signals to optimize which ads are displayed to which users for maximum impact. We target the right person for the ad, which is very difficult to do with TV since it is a shared device.”

Through the Spanglish DSP, they have access to Spanglish audience information data and are able to understand what content people are watching. “We can follow the audience, we have all these insights,” Yu said. “TV advertising does not have the capabilities to target the right person with the right ad. Connected TV (CTV) is much better, it is a very calibrated tool.”

The Spanglish DSP platform has been operating for more than six months.

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