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SPANGLISH MOVIES IS NOT A SALES AGENT. WE ARE PROUD TO BE A MOVIE DISTRIBUTOR. This means we are a partner who gets involved in the creation of a film and its marketing materials, a partner that invests its own time, experience and money in selling and marketing those projects we believe in.


  • Script checking from a commercial point of view.
  • Advising on the pre-production of the projects offering the filmmakers a “vision of the business” that enriches their productions.
  • Script doctoring.
  • SGA script recording.
  • Letters of intent for project’s distribution


  • Advising and negotiation of Product Placement agreements and merchandising (Only in the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico).
  • Merchandising Management.
  • Pre-sales.
  • Planning and implementation of launch strategies at international festivals.
  • Subtitling to English.


  • Editing and assembly of teasers, trailers, and posters.
  • Strategizing of dates and screens by country.
  • Programming.
  • Negotiation of terms.
  • Financing of P&A.
  • Marketing Strategy by country.
  • Purchase of strategic media.
  • Organization of Premieres for media and special guests.
  • Coordination of Talent Tours.
  • Writing and releasing of Press Notes.
  • Collection on cinemas.
  • Reporting and transfers to producers.
  • Coverage of unanticipated expenses such as format conversions, E&O insurances, shipments of materials, etc.
  • International Marketing Small


  • Presence and representation in cinematographic markets such as Cannes, Berlin, MIPCOM, AFM, NATPE, Ventana Sur, etc.
  • Maximizing profitability strategy for windows: Premium PayTV, Basic PayTV, Free TV, DVDs, SVOD / VOD.
  • Closed captioning and subtitling.
  • Production and distribution of DVDs.
  • Protection of intellectual property rights on Youtube.
  • Collection to channels / VODReporting.
  • Transfers to producers.


  • Institutional support to guarantee public funding.
  • Creation of marketing campaigns for films adapted to the different windows: Theatrical, TV, Home Entertainment.
  • Distribution in the theatrical window (Only in the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico).
  • Contact us to find out what we can achieve to bring more Latin American films to more screens around the world.