We are much more than Sales Agents. Spanglish Movies offers from production services, own productions, project packaging and co-productions to a complete distribution service. This means that we accompany and get involved in your projects from its creation to the generation of the necessary materials to market it. A company that invests its own time, experience and money in selling and promoting the projects in which we believe.

Theatrical Distribution

  • Pitch the film to cinemas.
  • Discuss a business plan and a budget with producers
  • Check the master’s quality
  • Create DCPs.
  • Create a booking plan based on the property’s demographics, genre, target. Define number of prints and locations.
  • Create and distribute trailers and posters to cinemas.
  • Create a Marketing Plan
  • Create marketing materials.
  • Negotiate terms with the cinemas
  • Deploy the marketing plan
  • Send the prints to theaters
  • Release the film
  • Report, collect, and pay producers

Premium Content sales to Subscription VODs

  • Check the master’s quality
  • Prepare sales materials for the title
  • Prepare a sales plan
  • Define which platforms suit best the title
  • Show the title to all of the platforms in the Sales plan’s priority order
  • Close the deal and negotiate the better license agreements possible
  • Deliver the master with the platform’s spec
  • Meet the title’s release date on the platform with social media coverage
  • Follow up results with the platform’s programming team
  • Collect every licensed fee agreed by contract
  • Continue the sales plan’s programming with second and third windows clients.

Content Integration to Advertising-based VODs

  • Check the master’s quality
  • Prepare graphic assets for the title
  • Present the title to the platforms
  • Prepare delivery to the platforms that agreed to program the title
  • Deliver the master with the platform’s spec
  • Meet the title’s release date on the platforms with social media coverage
  • Follow up results with the platforms’ programming team
  • Collect every revenue share reported by the platforms
  • Report these revenue share to the content creators
  • Pay the content creators their producer’s share every six months
  • Add new platforms as soon as they reach a threshold of trustable results

Packaging and Production

Positioned at the nexus of talent, content, brands, cinemas and streaming platforms, Spanglish creates limitless opportunities for storytellers who shape popular culture.

Across film, television, music, and digital media, we represent a solid share of the region’s leading producers and media companies. In service of them, we are committed to remaining the most innovative service company in the Hispanic media industry.

Since our founding in 2016, we have continued to deliver on our promise that every movie, series, talent and client platform is represented by the whole team. Spanglish taps its unequaled internal and external ecosystem of experts, relationships, access, and industry intelligence to help ensure that our clients achieve their goals.

With a passion matched only by that of our clients, Spanglish Movies is committed to crafting precedent-setting deals, and building innovative content driven by our clients’ ideas.


  • Institutional support to guarantee public funding.
  • Creation of marketing campaigns for films adapted to the different windows: Theatrical, TV, Home Entertainment.
  • Distribution in the theatrical window (Only in the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico).
  • Contact us to find out what we can achieve to bring more Latin American films to more screens around the world.