V Channels, the US-based network of YouTube movie channels, has formed a partnership with Spanglish Movies for the distribution of a slate of 30 Spanish- and Portuguese-language films over the next year.

The films will be produced and financed by V Channels and distributed by Miami-based Spanglish across AVoD and FAST channel platforms in the US and Latin America.

As part of the arrangement, V Channels will distribute existing Spanglish Movies titles on its YouTube channels and platforms worldwide.

The companies said they are also negotiating a co-production deal for an additional lineup of films for future distribution.

Completed films on the initial distribution slate include 2021 thriller Where Are You, with Anthony Hopkins, and The Legend Of Jack And Diane, the late Tom Sizemore’s last film. Production is underway on V Channels original films – shot in various languages and dubbed into Spanish and Portuguese – to be distributed under the partnership.

Spanglish CEO Gustavo Rodriguez Aparicio commented: “I am extremely grateful to collaborate with Nick [V Channel CEO Niccolo Messina] and his team at V Channels. I take great pride in our partnership, which extends beyond the cross-distribution of carefully chosen films from Spanglish and V Channels. Together, we are also working on the production of a film slate and a theatrical lineup that will elevate our companies, films and content creators to new heights.”

Messina said: “With Spanglish Movies we will reach one of the most important communities for our strategy. The South American community represents one of the key focuses of V Channels. With our massive dubbing effort to serve this community via YouTube, it was the right time to partner with a company like Spanglish to expand our reach to the biggest platforms in South America and the US to serve the Latino audience.”

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