Newest Dominican film, Trabajo Sucio, directed by filmmaker David Pagán, will arrive to several american theaters on October 26. It will entertain the Hispanic audience after a successful premiere on its own country. This film is a comedy with an intriguing substory and even some suspense, which narrates the story of Ramirez’ family and how its employees are submitted to countless iniquities that will be left behind very soon.

Cast is constituted mostly by Cheddy García, Nashla Bogaert, Frank Perozo, El Mayor Clásico, Killadamente, Pio “La Ditingancia” and Kenny Grullón, who as a whole promise that the audience will spend a pleasant movie filled with laughter and a very amusing story.

These are the main cities where the movie will be premiered inside american territory:


You can watch the official trailer of Trabajo Sucio here, a Dominican film that makes Latin American filmmaking industry proud.


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