We do not seek to preserve our culture, we seek to improve it. Each person who is part of Spanglish helps shape and further evolve this culture.

Entertainment, like friendship, is a fundamental need; It influences how we feel and perceive the world. At Spanglish we want to do our bit to improve our industry while entertaining the Hispanic world. If we are successful, there will be more laughter, more empathy, and a better quality of life for our community.

To get there, we want to create a surprising and unusual company culture that influences our media partners and content producers. This document is about this culture.

Like many companies, we value integrity, excellence, respect, inclusion and collaboration. However, what is special about Spanglish is how much:

  • We encourage independent decision-making by team members.

  • We are transparent: sharing information openly and deliberately.

  • We are trustworthy: extraordinarily honest with each other, with producers and customers.

  • We continually evolve to work only with highly effective people, including team members, content producers, and media executives.

  • We aim to change our little piece of the world. And we change it.

Our core philosophy is to MAKE NEW THINGS HAPPEN, working together as a team. With this approach, we are a more flexible, fun, stimulating, creative and successful organization.


Below are our values, specific behaviors, and skills that matter most to us. The more these values ​​resonate with each of us, the more likely we are to thrive together.


  • We make the right decisions despite ambiguity, based on clear objectives. We think strategically and we can say clearly. what we are and are not trying to achieve.
  • We seek the best for Spanglish media and content partners.
  • We have an open mind looking for great ideas.


  • We learn quickly and with enthusiasm.
  • We look for alternative perspectives.


  • We say what we think, when it is in the best interest of Spanglish, even if it is uncomfortable.
  • We take smart risks and are open to fail without shaking.


  • We create new ideas that are useful.
  • We enjoy the changes in our industry.


We understand that other team members, customers and producers depend on us, so it is essential to deliver what they expect.

  • Deadlines are key. We don’t break a deadline. Never.


We focus on clear results we can quantify weekly. What have I accomplished this week? and What do I want to achieve next week? They must have clear and quantifiable answers.

In the production:

A great workplace is not sharing an office. Our version of a great workplace is being part of a team seeking ambitious common goals, which we address together, learn together, improve together, and have fun together.

Being successful on our team is about being effective, not working hard or being a good person. We are all good people and we work hard, but our role is to be the best team possible, not a family. A family is about unconditional love, despite, for example, the bad behavior of a brother. In our team we strive to be the best teammate that we can be, participating intensely in the objectives and deadlines of our colleagues and partners and demanding the same from them.

We are confident in our potential as a company and yet we yearn to improve. We are horrendous compared to what we want to become.

Freedom and Responsibility

Our goal is to inspire people, not manage them. We trust our team to do what each member thinks is best for Spanglish, giving them a lot of freedom, power and information to support their decisions. In turn, this creates a sense of responsibility and self-discipline that drives us to do great work that benefits the company. We work to have a company of self-disciplined people who discover and solve problems without being told all the time they have to do.

Open disagreements

The back-and-forth discussion clarifies different points of view, and discussing issues helps us reflect on what the wise course is, as well as facilitating the broad sharing of our points of view. Silent disagreement is unacceptable and unproductive.

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