Luis Miguel’ series ended its first season and it is no secret that it became a huge surprise during this series season, and an incredible phenomenon inside internet television, captivating millions of show watchers across the globe. This original production, 13 chapters long, managed to conquer a real conection with its audience.

It’s important to mention that this show had a low calification during its first episodes, something that changed abruptly later, according to Parrot Analytics (company in charge of demand index for series in the entire world), who determined the important emotional conection of every chapter with the audience.

Specifically this was what they wrote: “We just run an analysis where we watched the Luis Miguel’s audience on USA since june, and we concluded that the emotional conection of every episode, mesured in Average Demand of Expressions generated by every person, predicted the audience for the next episode. This meaning that according to the bigger emotional conection the chapter achieved, the bigger it would be the audience for the next episode. Even if it didn’t start very well, this series quality and conection with its audience it places them on a huge success level. On a international scale, this series has been even more succesful. Mexico, Argentina and Peru overcome USA in popularity”.

In Mexico’s subject, country where this series was produced, it entered in a range of digital series most watched last week, with a total audience of almost a half million viewers.

This celebrated production that narrates early days of Luis Miguel, also named “the Mexico’s sun”, is entirely available on Netflix.

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