And it keeps getting better!

After several weeks on USA’s charts and countless movie cinemas filled with people watching the movie, Que León keeps getting the best of comments and a great acceptance. This could probably be the biggest acceptance to a dominican movie ever made in history until now.

More than 130.000 people have seen this film made in Dominican Republic. In United States was on more than 80 movie theaters and it has been crushing. Every person on the cast and production is very proud of the success that has followed the movie, and from Spanglish Movies we wish this success to continue until we can take it to more countries. And belive us, it’s on its way, so stay tuned! This road doesn’t end here, because sooner or later you will be able to enjoy Que León in several latin american countries. Wait for it!

Just for now, we leave you a sneak peak of the following success of Que León movie:


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