El Ganador

When Adalberto - whose wife Rosario just left him - finds out that a dying uncle of her won the Lottery, he puts on a wig and a drees to convince the nearly-blind uncle that he is Rosario. But when he discovers that there is another niece in a convent vying for the inheritance, Adalberto ups the bet and find himself a motherless child to convince the old man he's.. She's the more deserving recipient. But in this contest between Love and Money there is a lot more in stake.

Ficha de la pelicula

  • Año: 2017
  • Duración: 85
  • Género: Comedy
  • País: Mexico
  • Director: Eva Benedikt
  • Guión:Eva Benedikt
  • Actores:Otoniel Hernández, Jorge Cervera, Luz De La Rosa, Rubén Hernández
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