Filmmaking world dresses in black after the unexpected death of Fernando Báez, director, producer and photographer. The talented Báez lost his life after a car crash in Santo Domingo, specifically on 85km of a well-known highway while he was driving back from Jarabacoa.

The accident was caused punctually by a dead animal found on the middle of the highway, with which the car stumbled and then fell into the Yuna river.

This filmmaker, 61 years old, produced more than 300 documentaries during his entire life of diverse ecosystems on Dominican Republic, besides other works that are remarkable on his storyline, such as: Imágenes para un testimonio, República Dominicana (1990), Canto a la luz, República Dominicana (1993), El color de la esperanza, República Dominicana (1994); Una imagen para un nuevo siglo, República Dominicana (1999), Un pueblo con alma de carnaval (2005), Tiempo para cosechar (2009), República Dominicana: La Bella (2013), Lago Enriquillo: Preludio del Cambio Climático (2014). Flor de Azúcar (2016) and Misión Estrella (2017), the last filmic production he took to the big screen.

Here we share the trailer of Flor de azúcar, one of his successful productions.


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