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Array ( [width] => 50 [class] => col-sm-6 [id] => ) Género: Acción
Array ( [width] => 50 [class] => col-sm-6 [id] => ) País: Mexico
Array ( [width] => 50 [class] => col-sm-6 [id] => ) Director: Mario Pagano
Array ( [width] => 50 [class] => col-sm-6 [id] => ) Guión: Mario Pagano
Array ( [width] => [class] => col-sm-6 [id] => ) Actores: Iván Sánchez, Martina Gracía, Franky Martín, Elia Galera, Tony Camarlengo, Emilio Buale, Ramon Lillo, Frank Feys, Pablo Durán, Matthias Bullach
Array ( [width] => [class] => [id] => ) Sinopsis:

Mark, an undercover cop, is hiding in the world of underground combats from a secret mission that went wrong. He meets Bull, a fighter's manager, who sponsors Mark so he can make a living fighting outside the law.
Mark has been saving money from the fights for a while to leave town and pay all the expenses of his father's nursing home that suffers from Alzheimer. He meets Sandy, a beautiful prostitute and a lost soul like him. They hit the road together in a trip that lights the candle between them. When everything seems to be all right, a photograph of Mark with a reward on his head reaches Bull's hands. Mark activates his escape plan and he tells Sandy to go with him, but things goes wrong and everything begins to fall apart and Mark will have to confront his destiny to save the day.